1. How Atmosfera Italiana products are selected?

2. Who are your customers?

3. How can I pay my orders/purchases?

4. How are orders handled?

5. How long shall I wait to receive my order?

6. What are your shipping rates?

7. Is it possible to cancel an order? How?

8. Is there a “satisfied or reimbursed” option?

9. Do you have a Customer Service?

How Atmosfera Italiana products are selected?

As a completely independent company, ATMOSFERA ITALIANA utmost careful selection of products is always impartial, with the sole aim being to find the most genuine, freshest and top quality Italian food available in the territory, ensuring that every delicacy we present fulfils these criteria.

We care about building trust and friendly relations with our customers, focusing on creating a reliable shopping experience in order to build loyal consumers who are happy to come directly to us for their delivered to their door high-quality food shopping.

• We do not call our partners "suppliers".

We keep on selecting local food artisans that make high-quality and distinctive products in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods. They are people who, like us, bring passion and enthusiasm to what they do.

• We are not the large-scale food distribution.

Some of our products are only available in small quantities and subject to depletion.

Food that's grown local, in season, is great to produce nutritious, fresh, tasty, excellent specialities.

It is not produced on an industrial scale and its limited availability is a guarantee of authenticity and quality.

• Made in Italy products only.

All the Italian delicacies on sale in our website are made entirely in Italy, with indigenous ingredients only, and locally processed.

Our 3 steps selection process::

Selection Process


To establish a trustful relation with you, we will try to always provide you with the most exhaustive information about our Producers.

It is for this reason, and for the respect we have for them, that we never hide ours producers' brand. We like a clear and transparent communication.

You can find further details in the "PRODUCERS" section

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Who are your customers?

• WE ARE THE FIRST CUSTOMERS of Atmosfera Italiana.

The food products our families consume every day are the ones you'll find in our e-commerce.

Our mission is exactly to sell what we evaluate to be the best available food products on the market.

• Our typical customer is somebody who is not satisfied by the products proposed by large-scale retailers because she/he knows that their price and market logics can not guarantee:

- quality and genuineness offered by small-scale excellence productions;

- a direct human relationship with all the suppliers, based on mutual respect and on ethical standards.

• We don't aim to satisfy/please everyone.

- Our client is somebody who feels at home when at our online home.

- Our client is somebody who strives, like us, to satisfy functional and emotional needs across the many spheres of physical wellness and healthiness.

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How can I pay my purchases?

You can choose between these options:

- Safe payment on PayPal website.

You can pay directly from your PayPal account or you can use any type of credit card.

Marchi di accettazione PayPal

- Pay with a bank transfer.

If you choose this payment mode::

Bank transfer Beneficiary: Atmosfera Italiana Srl

IBAN: IT58H0306951062100000004644


PLEASE NOTE: Your order will be shipped as soon as our bank confirms your sucessful payment.

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How are orders handled?

Once we receive your paid order, we immediately send it to the shipping department.

The products you have ordered are picked from our air-conditioned storage and carried to the packing room in closed boxes.

We pack and protect your items with great care, paying as much attention to package as we do to our products.

Except for workloads peaks, orders received before 11 a.m. are delivered to the carrier on the evening of the same day.

Orders received after 11 a.m. are delivered to the carrier on the evening of the next day.

Your order may require a few more days if we are out of stock, and our supplier is late with the delivery.

We prefer to make weekly small orders, rather than monthly or bimonthly large orders, to offer you products that are always fresh.

Once your parcel is delivered to the forwarding agent, we send you an email indicating the delivery code to track your shipments online.

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How long shall I wait to receive my order?

To speed up delivery times, we always use express couriers.

They pick up daily, in the late afternoon: from the moment your package is given to the courier, you'll wait 36/48 hours to receive the products you ordered.

For deliveries outside Italy, while always using express couriers, you'll have to wait a few more days.

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What are your shipping rates?

Throughout Italy, we deliver by express courier up to a maximum volume of 50x50x50cm.

From zero to 20 kg of goods (packaging included) the shipping cost is € 9.90.

Throughout Europe, except where customs restrictions are in place for specific food products, we deliver by express courier with parcels up to a maximum volume of 50x50x50cm with a maximum of 20kg for delivery.

You can find further details in the “SHIPPING AND PAYMENTS" section.

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Is it possible to cancel an order? How?

Yes, it is possible to cancel it within 24 hours from the order confirmation, just sending an email to customer.service@atmosferaitaliana.it

entro le 24 ore successive alla trasmissione dell'ordine.

If you've already paid by your credit card or PayPal, we will return your money on the same day or, at the latest, the next day.

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Is there a “satisfied or reimbursed” option?

Sure! By law, you can return at your expense the product you have bought within 14 working-days since the day of the reception, without any penalty and without any justification.

We behave differently: we don't ask you to send us a registered letter or a fax to communicate us your decision.

The procedure is very simple: fill in and send us the Withdrawal Form and that's all.

We will pay the shipping expenses.

As soon as we receive your Withdrawal form, we will immediately contact you to arrange the withdrawal.

You can find further details in the "RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL" section

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Do you have a Customer Service?

We are eager to hear from you about your experience with us, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any kind of assistance, for suggestions.

We strive to deliver exemplary customer service to all of our customers by offering competent personalized, responsive and reliable services.

You can contact us

By phone on +39 02 80886124

Writing a message on the website chat

By e-mail to customer.service@atmosferaitaliana.it

We will get back to you as soon as possible, at the latest within 24 hours from the request.

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