Throughout Italy, we deliver by express courier parcels up to a maximum of 50kg.

We offer three types of service:


Within two working days, we deliver to your door or to your office, or wherever you like it.

PLEASE NOTE: Delivery times indicated, are related to normally accessible cities, with the exception of  islands and places where the national carrier must use of a local correspondent.

HOME DELIVERY: (suspended due to coronavirus from 23/03/2020)
For the luckiest people

Only for the provinces of Milan, Monza, Varese and Como delivery is free for a minimum order of € 39.90, below this amount a flat-rate contribution of € 5.00 is required

For more information, please call +39(0)2 8088 6124 .

SHIPPING COSTS (Tax included):


From zero to 20 kg of goods (packing included) the cost is € 9.90

From 20 kg to 30 kg of goods (packing included) the cost is € 10.90

From 30 kg to 50 kg of goods (packing included) the cost is € 15.90

HOME DELIVERY ATMOSFERA ITALIANA (suspended due to coronavirus from 23/03/2020)

Only for provinces of Milan, Monza, Varese and Como.

For a minimum order of € 39.90 - Free Delivery
Below this amount, fixed fee for delivery - € 5.00



(except where customs restrictions are in place for specific goods)

Throughout Europe, we deliver by express courier, parcels up to maximum volume of 50x50x50cm with a maximum of 20kg for delivery

We DO NOT SHIP to non-European countries such as America, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc.


Within four or five working days, we deliver to your door or your office, or anywhere you like it.


Shipping costs depend on the weight of the package and the country of destination.

For this reason, the shipping costs are calculated automatically at the time of order and before payment.


Delivery times are for general guidance only.

ATMOSFERA ITALIANA will not be held liable for late delivery of goods caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

Atmosfera Italiana commits unless otherwise expressly stated, to deliver the ordered goods to the carrier, within a maximum of 10 (ten) working days from the date of issue of the Order Summary.


Any shipping damage must be reported to the carrier upon delivery and promptly notified by e-mail to ATMOSFERA ITALIANA.


Complaints of any nature must be notified by e-mail within 8 (eight) days from the receipt of the products and must clearly state product code and name, order confirmation number, invoice number and date.

Returns, except as hereinafter stipulated in the Clause of Right of Withdrawal, must be approved by e-mail by ATMOSFERA ITALIANA, under conditions to be determined from time to time.