Wine & Co.

A typical drinks selection, Atmosfera Italiana presents a selection of prestigious Italian wines: red wine, white wines, wines for desserts; grappas and spirits, elixirs such as "vino e visciole", and craft beers.

  • Beer

    Our craft beer, we offer red beer, lager beer or light beer and dark beer produced by a great craft brewery. All beers mentioned by the guide and the Slow food guide and "Il Golosario" guide.

  • Elixirs Grappa Bitters

    A refined selection of spirits: Grappas, Meditation Wines and Dessert Wines, Elixirs such as "Viccotto" and "Vino e Visciole". The best for demanding palates, the best for your evenings with friends.

  • Italian Wines

    In this section we present only Italian wines, Italian white wines, Italian red wines, sweet wines, Italian wines for dessert and Italian wines for meditation. An excellent wine list to match your Italian food, your dinners with family or friends. A good gift idea for your Christmas baskets, for a birthday or for any other celebration.

  • Natural Wines, Organic...

    A small selection of Italian wine artisans producing natural, organic and biodynamic wines.

    A natural wine is a wine obtained from grapes typically grown by small-scale and independent producers, from an agronomy as natural as possible, at least organic, which completely excludes the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or insecticides, from hand-picked grapes, spontaneously fermented, without addition of yeasts or enzymes or other aids to fermentation, without added sugar or concentrated must, without acidity adjustments or addition of other additives, without micro-oxygenation or reverse osmosis, without clarifications or micro-filtration.