Italian Food

Typical Italian Food. Let us tempt your taste buds with traditional Italian food, embark on a culinary adventure to Italy and sample for yourself the sumptuous typical food our country is renowned for. Only small Italian producers. Gambero Rosso awards and Slow Food presidia.

  • Gift Baskets

    Gift baskets: choose gift box among our delicious proposals for every occasion; a birthday gift pack or Christmas gift box. Nobody will be disappointed with our Italian typical food. Special price.

  • Vinegar and Dressings

    Buy balsamic vinegar, seasonings and dressings. They are great for meat dishes, for fish dishes and for ice cream. Taste and flavors for extraordinary recipes.

  • Coffee

    In Italy - and only in Italy - you can drink the best one. Brewed through a coffee pod, a Moka pot, a Neapolitan coffee pot. Espresso, long, narrow, bitter, with a drop of milk, with a bit of milk foam on top of it, with a drop of liquor, in a glass, in a cold cup, in a hot cup, with cream. We invented a thousand ways to drink it, and this makes coffee more Italian than ever.

  • Jams and Sweet Creams

    Jams, Jellies and Creams Sweets, the flavors and aromas of tradition. A wide range of craft products to savor at breakfast or for a healthy snack. Only genuine products without chemical thickeners and preservatives. Gambero Rosso awards

  • Sugar Free Jams

    Fruit Compotes differ from jams for the smaller quantity of total sugar.

    Our compotes are produced only using our best fruit and adding only a small quantity of fructose to make them more pleasing to the palate.

    In this compote the fruit is simmered using a processing method called "boiling in uncover pot".

    In this way you get a product with the taste and the original flavours of fresh fruit.

    These compotes are suitable both to diabetics and to those who struggle every day to safeguard its own figure without giving up the pleasures of the table.

  • Decorations

    A section dedicated to indispensable products for decoration food. Make your food creations more elegant and unforgettable, decorate your main course, your desserts and your cakes.

  • Sweets and Cookies

    Buy online artisanal sweets, chocolate and biscuits. Excellent sweets, the typical chocolate of Modica and cookies made according to old recipes handed down from father to son. These Italian sweets, chocolate and cookies are so good they seem homemade.

  • Flours

    A wide selection of organic flour and natural flour. Flours of mais, soft wheat flours, legumes flours and cereals flours . Small handicraft productions which respect farming tradition.

  • Breadsticks and Taralli

    Don't you believe it? Observe them well, they are not all the same: they have imperfect forms, some are slightly larger, others are slightly smaller. Have we convinced you? These taralli and these breadsticks are handcrafted in an ancient laboratory that still makes most of the work by hand. The raw materials come from organic farming and the flours are of ancient and precious varieties, the extra virgin olive oil of Coratina variety is organic, cultivated and produced in Italy and has a very low acidity (0.22%). Yeast is natural and they are egg, milk and butter free, to make them ideal for Vegans. 

  • Legumes and cereals

    Legumes and cereals of high quality such as barley, spelled, lentils, beans, chickpeas and rarities like field peas and grass peas. Legumes and cereals are organic and they are grown in Valnerina (Umbria Region) according to ancient techniques of rotation crop. All these products are an important element for Mediterranean diet and especially for traditional Umbrian cuisine.

  • Honey and derivates

    Honey is a sugar substance produced by bees as a consequence of the transformation of the flower’s nectar. 100% italian natural honey from Biella Alps (Piedmont region). The beehives are placed in different areas depending on the bloom and type of honey that we want to obtain. The harvesting takes place on spontaneous blooms or, anyhow, far away from possible pollution sources.

  • Fruit Mustards

    Forget the industrial product, the one in which all fruits have the same hot taste. Tasting an artisanal Mustard means enjoying all the flavor of the fruits, skilfully enhanced by mustard.

  • Olive Oil

    Extra virgin olive oil from Puglia Region and Umbria Region. Both extra virgin olive oils are obtained from olives harvested by hand, cold pressed within 24 hours after harvesting. Low acidity. The manufacturer checks the whole productive cycle, from the olives harvesting to olives work process and the bottlin.

  • Parmigiano Reggiano...

    Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese is an Italian excellence known and appreciated all over the world. We offer an award-winning Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese with different maturation times. The Company produces this Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese with the milk of its cows, which are fed with the hay harvested in their fields, and originating a closed food processing chain.

  • Pasta

    The best Italian pasta brands: PASTA BENEDETTO CAVALIERI , artisan pasta producers since 1918, PASTA FELICETTI, with monograno line obtained from organic durum wheat semolina Matt, PASTA MANCINI , a farm that produces pasta in the middle of a wheat field and PASTA FILOTEA, egg pasta according to tradition.
    In this section you will find every type of pasta: durum wheat pasta, egg pasta, organic whole wheat pasta, organic pasta of legumes and cereals. All the pasta we offer is made with the best raw material, handcrafted and dried slowly.
    You will be amazed at the variety of pasta available: spaghettoni, spaghetti alla chitarra, paccheri, bucatini, fusilli, lumache, macaroni, orecchiette,ruote medie, fettuccine, tagliatelle, linguine, tagliolini, trofie, strozzapreti and many others.

  • Italian Pâtés

    Sale online of high-quality Italian Pâtés.

    Use them for your canapés, hors d'oeuvres, and to prepare delicious quick snacks and aperitifs.

  • Seafood

    In this section, you'll discover delicious ready-to-use seafood pasta sauces to enhance your first courses and different kinds of fish fillets in extra-virgin olive oil for superb second courses.

  • Rice

    All kinds of the best Italian rice for risotto, soups, rice salads and pies. You will find the authentic Carnaroli rice, white and brown, Rosa Marchetti and Vialone Nano qualities from Riserva San Massimo. You will discover the PDO Carnaroli Rice, and other types of Italian rice such as Arborio, Baldo, Sant'Andrea, all produced by the Riseria Merlano. All products from sustainable agriculture with zero environmental impact. Only small producers.

  • Cold Cuts

    In this section you will find typical Piedmontese salami. The salamis we offer are gluten-free and lactose-free. Discover the delights of salami with truffles, the intense flavor of wild boar salami and spicy salami. Taste salami with Piedmontese wines: salami with Barolo and salami with Nebbiolo. They are excellent for delicious appetizers and tasty snacks.

  • Sauces, Pestos and...

    Ready-to-use pasta sauces, seasoning for any kind of pasta. High quality craft products without preservatives and dyes. Try them smeared on slices of warm bread, yummy idea for your aperitifs and appetizers.

  • Vegetables and Sauces

    Sell online and vegetables under glass, and antique flavor sauces.Produced vegetables and homemade sauces, ready for use.

  • Italian Saffron and...

    Did you know that to produce one kilogram of saffron takes about 500 hours of work and 200,000 flowers?
    In this section you will find saffron in pistils and powder from Abruzzo region only, and many other excellent Italian spices.
    Excellent saffron to cook your best Milanese risotto, excellent spices to make your meat dishes, your soups and your sauces more tasty.

  • The Spicy Corner

    Not for the faint of heart in the spicy section. The common denominator in this section is the chilli pepper, from mild to hot. Natural Italian chilli pepper. A selection of our best Italian spicy specialties.

  • Wine & Co.

    A typical drinks selection, Atmosfera Italiana presents a selection of prestigious Italian wines: red wine, white wines, wines for desserts; grappas and spirits, elixirs such as "vino e visciole", and craft beers.