A whole section dedicated to goodies. Here you will find the best butter cookies, Modica chocolate, sweet creams to spread on bread or to fill your cakes, sweet wines to accompany our pastries or your desserts, Christmas and Easter sweets such as Panettone and Colomba, only high-quality artisan production patisserie.

  • Biscuits

    Delicious butter biscuits, typical Piedmont pastry biscuits as Krumiri, Baci di Dama ("lady'e kisses") and many others. Great to taste with coffee for breakfast, half morning snacks, delicious to accompany tea or hot chocolate in the afternoon. Try them at the end of the meal as a dessert, accompanied by an excellent sweet wine.

  • Chocolate and Cocoa

    We all love chocolate! Most of us probably eat it several times a week. Yummy chocolate biscuits, irresistible jam and honey creams with cocoa, and Modica chocolate. In this section, many ideas for a delicious snack or an evening dessert.

  • Jams and Sweet Cream

    Jams, jellies and sweet creams with the flavor and aroma of tradition. A wide choice of delicious typical handmade products, many of which reported by Gambero Rosso. Ideal for a good morning breakfast and a healthy snack.

  • Sugar Free Jams

    Fruit Compotes differ from jams for the smaller quantity of total sugar.

    Our compotes are produced only using our best fruit and adding only a small quantity of fructose to make them more pleasing to the palate.

    In this compote the fruit is simmered using a processing method called "boiling in uncover pot"

    In this way you get a product with the taste and the original flavours of fresh fruit.

    These compotes are suitable both to diabetics and to those who struggle every day to safeguard its own figure without giving up the pleasures of the table.

  • Honey

    Many types of honey, all strictly Italian. The bees collect nectar out of wild flowers. The hives are positioned in different areas depending on the type of honey to produce, and far from sources of pollution. The honey is extracted by centrifugation. Decanting and packing are performed without using heat.

  • Food Decorations

    A section dedicated to indispensable products for decoration food. Make your food creations more elegant and unforgettable, decorate your main course, your desserts and your cakes.

  • Christmas Sweets

    "Panettone" is the typical Italian Christmas cake. How many versions Italians prepare the cake? With pistachio, with raisins and candied fruit, with chocolate, with the olive oil. Discover every time the artisanal panettone we offer you, and discover the other typical Italian pastries of the Christmas time.

  • Easter Sweets

    Can you imagine Easter without sweets?

    The best end for your Easter lunch: a delicious artisanal Easter Dove Cake or yummy Cantucci biscuits and Chocolate Pralines of the award-winning Giotto Pastry Lab, or you can choose among the other delicious treats in this section.

  • Dessert Wines

    A section reserved to sweet wines and special wines to pair with desserts and pastries. Meditation wines to sip while you are reading a good book. Organic Limoncello to be enjoyed with a sweet treat in the evening. Choose the nectar of Bacchus you prefer.