The Savoury

A selection of typical Italian Food. Let us tempt your taste buds with traditional Italian food to prepare the perfect appetizer, snack, and aperitif.
Only small Italian producers. Gambero Rosso awards and Slow Food Presidia.

  • Advantage Proposals

    Advantage Proposals, for a gift idea, for a Christmas gift packs, for a birthday gift box, for every gift occasion. Save money and time, choose quality and savings. All our advantage proposals contain typical Italian food, nobody will be disappointed. Special Price.

  • Vinegar and Dressings

    Balsamic vinegar, traditional vinegar with long aging, seasonings and dressing, for salads, for meat dishes, for fish dishes and ice cream. Taste and flavors to make unforgettable your dishes.

  • Savory Jams

    There's something to suit all tastes: savory jams like red onion jam and other vegetable jams, but in this section, you'll find some "sweet" jams, which, like the salty ones, are perfectly paired with cheeses, meats or fish. Read the descriptions and find the most palatable of pairings.

  • Organic Flour

    A wide selection of legumes and cereals organic flour. Small handicraft productions which respect farming tradition.

  • Italian Cheeses

    A section dedicated to Italian cheeses, pecorino cheese, goat's cheeses and cow's milk cheeses - many of them are organic cheeses - and the original Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. The best of the Italian tradition. All the cheeses are vacuum-packed and are delivered with dry ice.

  • Breadsticks and Taralli

    Italian typical handcrafted bakery products. Only the finest quality products from small producers throughout Italy.

    Typical Italian breadsticks from Piedmont region. These handmade breadsticks are produced in a wide range of flavours.

    Typical Italian Taralli from Apulia region. Different tastes. Handmade according to the traditional Apulian recipes and cooked in a wood oven.

  • Legumes and Cereals

    Legumes and cereals of high quality such as barley, spelled, lentils, beans, chickpeas and rarities like field peas and grass peas. These legumes and cereals are organic and they are grown in Valnerina (Umbria Region) according to ancient techniques of rotation crop. All these products are an important element for Mediterranean diet and especially for traditional Umbrian cuisine.

  • Fruit Mustards

    Forget the industrial product, the one in which all fruits have the same hot taste. Tasting an artisanal Mustard means enjoying all the flavor of the fruits, skilfully enhanced by mustard.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Extra virgin olive oil from Puglia Region and Umbria Region. Both extra virgin olive oils are obtained from olives harvested by hand, cold pressed within 24 hours after harvesting. Low acidity. The manufacturer checks the whole productive cycle, from the olives harvesting to olives work process and the bottlin.

  • Italian P√Ęt√©s

    Sale online of high-quality Italian P√Ęt√©s. Use them for your canap√©s, hors d'oeuvres, and to prepare delicious quick snacks and aperitifs.

  • Seafood

    In this section, you'll discover delicious ready-to-use seafood pasta sauces to enhance your first courses and different kinds of fish fillets in extra-virgin olive oil for superb second courses.

  • Preserved in Olive Oil

    A yummy selection of typical Italian delicacies. Taste them as appetizers, with your aperitifs, as snacks or as a side dish to accompany your second courses.

  • Salami

    Salami are a typical Italian appetizer. In this section you will find a typical Piemont and Aosta valley salami. Many of salami offered are gluten-free and lactose-free. Discover the delights of sausage with truffles, the intense flavor of donkey salami, goat and wild boar salami. Taste the delicious bacon with juniper and dried beef("mocetta"), tasted the salami with Barolo wine and salami with Nebbiolo wine. The sausages are great for appetizers and appetizing snacks.

  • The Spicy Corner

    Not for the faint of heart in the spicy section. The common denominator in this section is the chilli pepper, from mild to hot. Natural Italian chilli pepper. A selection of our best Italian spicy specialties.

  • Beer

    Our craft beer, we offer red beer, lager beer or light beer and dark beer produced by a great craft brewery. Slow Food beers guide and Golosario beers guide mention these beers among the best beers.

  • Italian Wine

    In this section we present only Italian wines, Italian white wines, Italian red wines, sweet wines, Italian wines for dessert and Italian wines for meditation. An excellent wine list to match your Italian food, your dinners with family or friends. A good gift idea for your Christmas baskets, for a birthday or for any other celebration.

    For our wine selection, strictly Italian wines, we asked for a helping hand from our friend, Eugenio Bigliocca. Eugenio Bigliocca has been a sommelier for 14 years and international judge (International Wine Challenge of 2007 and 2008). Through his company "Cave du Roi", Eugenio supplies restaurateurs all over the world with the best wines.