Organic production is a production system that relies on a number of objectives and principles, as well as common practices, designed to minimize the human impact on the environment, while ensuring the agricultural system operates as naturally as possible. Discover our section dedicated to organic Italian food.

  • Breadsticks and Taralli

    Don't you believe it? Observe them well, they are not all the same: they have imperfect forms, some are slightly larger, others are slightly smaller. Have we convinced you? These taralli and these breadsticks are handcrafted in an ancient laboratory that still makes most of the work by hand. The raw materials come from organic farming and the flours are of ancient and precious varieties, the extra virgin olive oil of Coratina variety is organic, cultivated and produced in Italy and has a very low acidity (0.22%). Yeast is natural and they are egg, milk and butter free, to make them ideal for Vegans.

  • Organic Legumes,...

    Section dedicated to organic legumes, cereals and flours. Barley, Spelt, Lentils, Chickpeas, a wide range of Dried Beans and rarities such as Field Peas and Grass Pea all come from the organic cultivations of Valnerina (Umbria), cultivations practiced according to ancient techniques of crop rotation. All these products are a very important element of the Mediterranean diet and in particular of the traditional Umbrian

  • Organic Extravirgin...

    Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from olives harvested by hand, cold pressed within 24 hours after harvesting.The manufacturers checks the whole productive cycle, from the olives harvesting to olives work process and the bottlin. Low acidity. Very high quality. Award-winning.

  • Organic Pasta

    Discover all types of Organic Wholemeal Pasta produced by Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri and the Organic line "I Turanici" produced by Pastificio Mancini with turan wheat, an ancient variety of wheat, today forgotten.

  • Organic Pasta Sauces

    Organic ready-to-use pasta sauces, organic seasoning for any kind of pasta. High quality craft products without preservatives and dyes. Try them smeared on slices of warm bread, yummy idea for your aperitifs and appetizers.